Stress in animals

We often remain oblivious to the idea that pets, animals and birds also suffer from stress. Pets are extremely sensitive to their surroundings and are known to develop emotional bonding with their owners as well as fellow pets. “Changes” trigger stress in animals the same way it triggers stress in humans. Health conditions also affect the pets psychological state.

Conditions such as illnesses, travel, breeding, separation from owner, shfting, addition or loss of a family member or another household pet can cause stress in animals. In such cases, pets become extremely bored or show symptoms of severe stress such as fear, anxiety and restlessness.

A bored pet dog would slowly chew, destroy things or move objects in and around the household, eat or drink excessively, ans sometimes even create inflammation conditions like “lick granuloma” (usually an ulcerated area on a dog’s wrist or ankle caused by the dog’s own incessant licking). They also tend to bark a lot when they are bored. Stressed out dogs show signs of shaking, trembling, restlessness and destructiveness. It is just as important to treat boredom, as it is to treat anxiety.

Tips to keep your pets in good humor: