Shipping our pets

New moms and dads usually have lots of questions regarding shipping their new babies unless they have had some prior experience with the process. Over the past fifteen years we have shipped many of our puppies to their new families. Most every incident has gone quite smoothly.

The Federal Government has placed temperature restrictions on the airlines for the transporting of live animals. Temperatures cannot exceed 85° nor can they be lower than 45°. All animals are carried in the cargo area of the plane, which has the exact same conditions of temperature and pressure found in the passenger area. The Government’s concern for temperature is based upon the ground air temperature.

Our puppies travel with Air Canada and we prefer to use direct flights if at all possible. During the heat of the summer months we ship as early as possible in the day to keep ground temperatures to a minimum. Occasionally temperatures have forced the airlines to place embargos on certain cities. We have no control over these circumstances and we have to book flights around the delays. We do our best to book the best flights for any given time and destination. We make all the travel arrangements at this end. All the new owners have to do is to go to the airport on the decided day and pick up their new baby. Pets are usually available shortly after the plane arrives. All shipping expenses (flight cost and crate) are paid by the new owners when they pick up their new puppy at the airport.

Some new owners chose to drive or fly to pick up their new puppy themselves. We always like to meet new moms and dads if at all possible and do recommend the travel on their parts if it is a short trip. We have often met folks at the airport who have chosen to fly in a pick up their new pet. In general the short airplane ride to their new home is less traumatic for the pet than for his new family. Usually within two or three hours after we sign them in at the airport, they have arrived and are being picked up by excited new families. While they are in their carrier puppies don’t know exactly where they are... Only when they arrive at their new home and the carrier is opened will they realize that there’s a new world and loving family awaiting them.