Many owners will consider breeding their Newfoundland at some point in time. However, it should be understood that not all Newfoundland should be bred. Consideration sould be given to the availability of good homes first. Secondly, owners should review their ability to raise a litter until thy can be sent to their new homes. Of vital importance is the prospective sire and dam passing their health clearances. Next the parents-to-be should be within the breed standard and be evaluated by a non-biased person(s) to judge temperament and instinct. Lastly, the breeder must commit to the responsibility of having brought the litter into this world and honor the obligation of the offspring’s well being.


Good homes are not easy to find as one would first think. Prospective owners should be interviewed to ensure that they will be able to care for Newfoundland for it’s entire lifespan. Breeders need to be prepared to spend hours on the phone with each prospective owner to answer their questions and make sure they are prepared for the arrival of the puppy.


The emotional and financial burden of raising a litter until it is mature to go to their new homes can vary greatly. Newfoundland do not have the tragic whelping problems seen in some breeds, but a breeder needs to be prepared for the worst shich can include high vet bills for emergency visits or surgery. Should a mother reject the litter, it will need to be bottle fed constantly throughout the day and night until they can eat solid food. There will be veterinarian bills to be paid for vaccination shots. Many people find that the hassles of raising a litter along with the financial risk is not worth the benefits of breeding your own litter.


A good caring breeder understand their duty to the life that they have created. Ethical breeders will have a thoughful, written contract for puppy buyers that includes the buyers protection if the puppy should develop a genetic disease prior to adulthood.


If you are unsure whether breeding is right for you, meet experienced breeders to discuss whether this is an activity that you are suited for..