Adopting procedure

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To become a new owner of an Elsa puppy, we must be assured you have understood the commitment you are making for the care and maintenance of these beautiful creatures.

A deposit is required to hold any specific puppy or to be on our puppy reservation list. You must be at least 18 years of age to enter into an agreement. Please be sure to read the guarantee before placing a deposit. The deposit fee for an Elsa puppy is 200$, cheque, money order or cash. Payable to:

Sylvie L’Archevêque
1523 Rang St-Edouard
St-Simon, Québec, Canada
J0H 1Y0

Please with your deposit can you include a brief description of your family, home and your choice of colour and sexe? When we will receive your deposit, we will send you a breeder/buyer contract and a little guidebook.

Puppies are chosen on the basis of the order in which the deposits are received. If a puppy of your choice is not available from the litter, you will have to wait till the next available litter. Choice of your puppy is too made at 7 weeks. If you cannot get here due to distance or time, choice of puppyies can be made through e-mail.

The deposit fee is NON-REFUNDABLE, should you decide not to be considered for a puppy, and you will forfeit your deposit fee. Please remember by placing a deposit, you are asking us to hold (reserve) a puppy and turn away all subsequent reservations for that puppy.

The balance is due at before the time of delivery or pick up and payment shall be made in cash, certified cheque, bank draft or money order. Remember that shipping is extra and must be included in the final payment.

We will keep you updated of the development of the puppy via e-mail along with pictures. Visitation of puppies on appointments only please. Puppies shall be handled at the discretion of the breeder only. Parents must ensure that children are supervised at all times, that the mother and puppies are treated kindly and carefully. Puppies are released from Elsa Kennel between 9 and 12 weeks old. Elsa kennel will hold puppies after 12 weeks old at the cost of 10$ per day.