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Please note that due to the new US import laws, we will not be selling puppies to residents of the United States. We believe that homing a puppy at 16 weeks isn't in the best interest of the puppy nor the family; therefore, we've made this decision based on wellbeing and growth of our Newfoundlands. Thank you for understanding.

We are very glad to announce that our young male Slavik Portneuf has successfully passes the various health tests to which we subject all our breeders. He is now available for dog stud service.

Here are the results:
Cœur: Normal
Genoux: Normal
Cystinurie: Carrier
Coudes: Normal
Hanches: Good

Manny D'Elsa has been selected to be in the 2014 Newfoundland Calendar! It is his 2nd experience as "model" since he had also been chosen in the 2013's Edition. It demonstrated great docility and extreme patience during the entire shoot, even agreeing to wear a hat for the occasion. We are very proud!

May 2013- Ursula Des Vents du Nord (Blanche D'Elsa X Ch. Prairiehome Voltaire) is retired from breeding and rehomed in a wonderful family. Ursula was a well devoted friend and an excellent mom.

This beautiful Landseer girl add her touch to our line with her great temperament and her very typey head and her solid body. It's now the beginning of her new life!

On May 30th, Peluche D'Elsa and its owner attended the official inauguration of "Hot Dog Café» in Brossard. Peluche had really proud allure on the red carpet!

The Hot Dog Café is a brand new concept : a café-resto for dogs and their owners, where one can go take a café, a meal or a glass in company of its 2 or 4 paws' friends in a decor and an ambience worthy of a Londoner lounge.

The Hot Dog Café also includes a canine gym, a canine beauty salon, a canine pension service, a terrace, WiFi, a liquor license, etc.

So if you fancy go take a coffee or a cup of wine in company of your toutou and enjoy meeting people who share your passion for dogs, we recommend you to have a look at the Hot Dog Café's website :

We are proud to annonce that Manny D'Elsa has been selected to be one of the "model" for the 2013 Newfoundland Calendar.

Nelia D'Elsa (January 22nd, 2000- December 13th, 2012)
With sadness, we announce the death of Nelia D'Elsa (Peggy X Ch Blakedales Lifesaver). Aged 12 years and 11 months, Nelia had recently lost her mobility. Her masters, shaken but convinced that it was the right thing to do, have resorted to euthanize. Nelia was a dog exceptionnal on several levels. She was very big for a female, yet it never abused her power. She showed infinite gentleness with children, knew staying fit on any occasion and was very quiet.

After giving us beautiful litters, Nelia took a well-deserved retirement at the age of 6. We will never thanks enough Marc-Antoine and Julie, who took care of Nelia after her retirement, for all the love and good care they gave her during the six years they have shared with her!

It is with great emotion that we announce the death of Black D'Elsa (Peggy X Molosse's Boatswain) occurred on 29 November 2012 at the age of 10 years and 2 months. Black's health had started to deteriorate last spring. Until then, he still walked 2 km per day, but over the last few months, mobility began to decline gradually until the evening of November 28th, when he could no longer stand up.

The next day, the owners took the heartbreaking decision to end his suffering. Black was a unique dog who was loved of all. He and his brother White became the unofficial mascots Department of Chemistry, at the Carleton University, where their master works. For his part, White is still in great shape. Now, he is a little sad and confused for having lost his brother and companion, but with all the love and attention he receives from his masters, he will be better soon. Black and White were assigned to Jeffrey and Allison on March 4th, 2008 and they shared important moments their lives with them.

Congratulations to Kisses D'Elsa (Lady Olésia D'Elsa X Boss Faundland) for her participation in the show "Extra", on Vtélé, on October 23rd, 2012. Kisses accompanied her veterinarian Dr. Laurie Bouchard to address the issue of blood donations in animals. What a great experience for the beautiful Kisses, who did it like a pro!

To see the video, click here (in French).

On September 15th, Jeff and Allison participated in the event "Newfstock", a fundraiser for the organization "Newf Friends" with their two Newfoundlands "Black" and "White".

More than 100 Newfoundlands participated to the event, which is organized annually at Millennium Park in Bancroft, Ontario.

Now aged of more than 10 years, Black and his brother White were seniors among all Newfoundland present. Despite their respectable age, Black and White are very healthy. They still walk several kilometers daily and regularly accompany their owners at work: Jeff, at the Carleton University, and Allison, who works with people with intellectual disabilities.

Septembre 13th, 2012 - Peluche D'Elsa (Whippet D'Elsa x Betho) celebrated her 10th Birthday! Being a regular boarder, we had the pleasure of seeing her grow and share beautiful moments with her over the years. Peluche is a caring, obedient and always tempered bitch, she is what is called an easygoing dog. Thank you to the owners Jacques and Andrée for all the love and care they provide her daily. Peluche could not find a better adoptive family! Happy Birthday Peluche!

Congratulations to Rackham and Morgan and their owners Nathalie and Francis, who were invited to participate in the shooting of the show "Légitime Dépense" , which was broadcasted on November 5th and whose concerned about dog training.

François participated in the filming with Rackham in part of the video about "obedience", while Nathalie and Morgan participated in the part about "Dogs' Kindergarden".

Rackham impresses his canine educator! She has never seen a Newfoundland that smart and so willing to learn, even at six and a half years old. Despite his large size, he easily passes in tunnels, does slalom and goes on the swings! Slowly, he is getting ready for an agility competition :-)

A grand entrance! On June 22nd, our daughter was graduating from High School. She wanted to get to her prom in an original way. To do this, what better than a cart pulled by a Newfoundland !? It certainly has not gone unnoticed! As always, our young female "Rania" impressed by her gentleness and kindness and remained disconcertingly calm despite the heat, the noise and the crowd that was there.

For nearly 12 years, Ms. Huguette Laferrière, full-time teacher in a secondary school in Granby (L'Envolée), introduced animals in her teaching activities (Animal Assited Pedagogy). With her basic training in pet therapy, she regularly does interventions with teenagers (sometimes adults as well) who have academic or social difficulties. To do this, she has some exotic animals, a miniature dachshund and a beautiful Landseer Newfoundland, named Oslo, from our kennel. According to its owner, it is a wonderful job! Once, Oslo has put a smile on the face of a child who uses a wheelchair by helping him to make friends.

Last month, Miss Ellie (Ursula Des Vents Du Nord X Boss Faundland) and her owner Mrs Hilda Ginter went to Wildcat's Dana Faber Foundation's cancer children's weekend. Miss Ellie was so very wonderful with all the children there and it was so nice to see her make all these young, sick children smile! She certainly made their day!

In June, Gizmo D'Elsa (Ursula Des Vents Du Nord X Excalibur Canadian Beardog) had his first water rescue training with his woners Micheal and Sina. Gizmo is a natural at it with tonne of energy and enthusiasm (in fact, the other newf owners and breeders were suprised at his energy, stamina and keeness levels comparatively speaking)! He towed the boat on his first try with two people in it and basically aced eveything.

Important Communications

2016 Newfoundland Dog Calendars

We have finalized our selection of photos for our 2016 Newfoundland Dog Calendars. This year some of the newfs are from Heartsease Newfoundlands, Seafret, Castanewf, Elevage-Elsa, and Vom Burgseeli. Calendars are $20 each with tax. Shipping is extra. For payment we accept e-transfers, cheques, cash, and paypal. Please let us know if you would like to place an order: (250) 812-4224 ou au (250) 812-5088.

You can view all the selected photos on our website 2016 Newfoundland Dog Calendars. Enjoy the photos!

To spin the hair of his dog

Your Newfoundland is currently undergoing seasonal molt and you want to retrieve its undercoat to make a sweater? Here are the coordinates of a craftsman-spinner who will card the raw material, spin it and make yarn from it. You will then just have to knit your dog's hair like any wool. Spinning your Newfoundland's undercoat will bring your knitting special and unique texture that you'll love to wear!

Marie-France Milette
1785, Des Cascades
Saint-Hyacinthe, Qc
J2S 3J2
Tél: (450) 250-LAINE (5246)

Report puppy mills

Dozens of dog owners gathered at Lafontaine Park to demand stricter regulations for dog breeding and denounce puppy mills. On April 27th, a whole new group of citizens, the Union for the Respect of Animals (UPRA), decried, in Lafontaine Park, the horror of puppy mills in Quebec. The event was held simultaneously in the streets of Montreal and Quebec. The march was to protest against "the obsolete laws in the field of animal life conditions and cruelty" and the lack of standards to guide the ethical breeding of pets.

UPRA advocates for improving the lives of pets. Their goal is to raise awareness of the current problems in the pet industry and to promote the development of an ethical breeding of pets.

The organization has created several brochures including information to empower people on how to choose their future pet.

"Quebec is still the land of hospitality operators of puppy mills, the suppliers of animals to pet stores, breeders series and ruthless merchants who are still protected by outdated laws and ridiculous sentences. But the more people will be well informed and advised, the more they will know where to go to choose their animal, there will be less demand for animal overproduction in unsanitary and unhealthy conditions", said the organization.

For more information, visit their page.

Caution: harmful air purifiers!

Strong odors may emanate from the kitty's litter or the dog's pillow. In these cases, we may be tempted to use "air purifiers." Armed with these compressed airbombs, and driven by a compelling advertising, we spray beddings, carpets, cushions and sofas to "refresh" the air. Still, it's a great paradox when you think ... The manufacturers promise us a fresh and clean air, but in reality, when sprayed, their products create a cloud of chemicals in our homes!

Recently, one of our clients informed us that his young Newfoundland and Labrador were suffering from severe itching and abnormal nasal discharge. Advised by the vet that it could be an allergy to Febreze, he immediately stopped using it. Overnight, itching and runny nose disappeared immediately!

While ads try to make us believe that the use of these products is safe for our pets, we must know that the Febreze, like other similar products, are major irritants to mucous membranes and our pets are particularly sensitive. Therefore, these "air purifiers" are the cause of many allergic reactions in dogs.

Of course, all dogs will not necessarily develop allergy to Febreze, but beware of these "sprays-that-smell-good". If you use Febreze and your dog suffers from allergies, it would be wise to stop using.


AVAILABLE ADULTS - On rare occasions we may have older Newfoundland puppies or adult dogs available to be placed with people looking to provide a good home but do not wish to go through the early puppy stages.

These dogs could include retired show, breeding or performance dogs, rescued dogs or dogs which have been returned to us due to a change in the previous owners circumstances.

You are welcome to call [(450) 798-2973] or e-mail us for more information.

To reserve a puppy, contact us via phone [(450) 798-2973], mail or e-mail. Please view our policy page for information on how to do so.

Dog Sitting : You own a Newfoundland and you wonder how to go on vacation? No problem! Let us care about your canine companion. We will be happy to welcome it in our kennel! At Elsa Kennel, we offer a professional and personalized service tailored to the specific needs of your pet. So you can leave knowing that our priority is the welfare and safety of your Newfoundland. We strongly suggest that you book your place in advance since seating is limited.

We offer pet sitting at the rate of $20 per night. Plus, we offer a discount to the dogs from our kennel: $18 per night. To know more or to book for pet sitting, email us.

CAUTION!!! Some unscrupulous people use wrongly and without our consent our kennel name and some pictures of our dogs to promote the sale of their puppies. Be careful! If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you!

You may check our List of Names to get name suggestions for your dog.

We answer your emails within 72 hours. If you need more information than what is presented in our web site, please feel free to contact us. We love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have! Please e-mail or call at (450) 798-2973.