Dogs and children

The very thought of children and dogs together conjures up warm thoughts in most people, and bring a smile to the lips. The reality can be just as wonderful... or it can be disastrous. In order for it to become a joyous thing, knowledge and preparation must be put into the endeavour. If you already have the childre, and now want the dog your children must be taught to respect the puppy’s rights. Some children are naturally gentle, but others are not. However, most can be taught. Never leave a young children and puppies together unattended. A puppy has only its teeth to protect it from rough handling ans squeezing.

A Newfoundland can inadvertently knock young children sprawling. And even Newfoundland can be injured by children whose parents allow them to ride the dog. No dog’s back is stable enough to support the weight of even the smallest child.

If the dog was in the home before the arrival of the new baby, there may be different issues to deal with. Some dogs are naturally nurturing and protective of all children, especially those in their own family. Others might be suspicious or frightened of the new baby at first; these dogs need to be watched, encouraged and included in the events.