Black & Landseer

The Newfie is a robust, family-loving dog, equally at home, in the water and on land. This large and strong dog is capable of heavy work, yet the breed's gentleness, even temper and devotion make the Newf and idéal companion for child or adult.

This dog was originally used as a working dog to pull nets for the fishermen and to haul logs from the forest for the lumbermen. The oily nature of its double coat, which effectively keeps the Newf from getting wet to the skin, its webbed feet, its deep, broad chest and well-spung rubs make it a natural swimmer. The Newfoundland has true instinct for life-saving and is renowned in this role.

Mary popins

Average height for males is 28 inches at the shoulder, weight about 150 pounds; females 2 inches and 30 pounds less. The long coat is flat, dense and water resistant, and sheds heavily. The Newfie is friendly and easygoing. The traditional colour is black. White markings on the chest, toes and tip of tail are allowed.

The black-and-white variety became know as the "Landseer" after the famous artist "Sir Edwin Landseer" (1802-1873) who featured the breed in his painting, "A Distinguished Member of the Humane Society". In the Landseer variety, the base colour is white with black markings. The preferred pattern is a black head, saddle, rump and upper tail.