My Newfoundland eats its feces! Why ?

This behavior is called coprophagia. Although we find it absolutely disgusting, it is very common. Why? There are many theories explaining it, which range from an eating disorder to simply a bad habit. Let’s take for granted that the second reason is the one we are dealing with, since it is the most prevalent. Now, what can be done? The best solution is to break the habit, which means not picking up the feces in the presence of the animal and to distract the dog right after the “act”. When on a walk, have control over your dog in order to avoid temptation. Repulsive products are often expensive and rarely yield positive results. Using Tabasco on the feces is often a never-ending battle, as some dogs appreciate the spicy taste. Puppies are more inclined to eat their feces, but tend to loose the habit as they grow older. Some risks are associated with this bad habit: the animal can be contaminated with parasites like Coccidia, Giardia or intestinal worms. If your dog has a leaning towards coprophagia, have the feces tested regularly to detect any infestation. In short, to stop this revolting behavior, a good maintenance of the backyard, discipline and, most of all, patience, are key in succeeding. Be aware that most dog owners face this problem; you are not alone. FOR SURE!