Our puppies


Elsa kennels offers beautiful and carefully planned litters. We take pride in breeding healthy, socialized, loveable Newf babies for your responsible, loving homes.

Environment plays an important role in providing a lasting affect on your puppy’s personality, attitude, and intelligence. Ultimately this determines how your puppy will behave and interact with you in his new home. Thus during the 9 weeks the puppies are with us, they are nurtured and socialized with an emphasis on producing strong, healthy puppies as family companions. Many benefits have been observed in canines that were socialized and exposed to stimulations. Stimulated pups are more active and more intelligent , they have a greater resistance to disease and they have more tolerance to stress than the non-stimulated puppies.

The care of our puppies begin with exceptional care of the Sire and Dam. Genetic screenings with certification to confirm the parents are free of common, breed specific genetic disorders that could potentially impact the future offspring is foremost. Certification is obtained through The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and/or The University of Guelph (OVC) and Healthgene.

Ensuring the health of our Dam before and during pregnancy increases the likelihood of producing genetically sound offspring. Proper diet, exercise and conditioning is an important factor in pregnancy. Ultrasound is performed 30 days after mating to ensure the safety of the mother and babies.

The length of gestation ranges from 56 to 70 days, with most puppies being whelped at an average of 63 days. Our puppies are whelped in our home. Once the puppies are born, they are cleaned, weighed and marked. Our commitment and interaction beings at birth with the gentle handling of each puppy to foster trust and the human bond.

Additionnally we provide play socialization by adding stimuli (toys) and textures to the puppies life. Each puppy gets lots of individual attention from our family. Music is played and household sounds and distractions are prominent in the pup’s daily routine. Regular brushing and nail trims continue the human bonding.

Each puppy is carefully evaluated during the nine weeks that they spend with us. We try to match you with the right puppy and we are here to help guide you along the way in raising one of these special family members. Our main goal is to place each puppy in a loving and caring environment. Our puppies are part of our family until they become part of yours!

Any inexperience breeder buying a puppy will be mentored on their decisions and evaluation of puppies. We hope this help will be welcomed. It is in the interest of the breed and to the Elsa name to have only quality puppies being produced from this line.

Both parents and even grandparents on site.

Reservations are recomended (see this page for procedures) and shipping is available internationally... Most puppies are reserved well in advance of being pictured on the site so check with us to see if we have puppies born or due that may be what you are looking for.

If we don't have any puppies available when you call, you can nonetheless pass by some time to see our dogs and to give yourself an idea about their breed, character and health, as well as the manner in which we treat them. In that way you could decide whether you would like to reserve a puppy for yourself or whether you would like to address your search to another serious breeder.

Peggy and her puppies
Peggy and her puppies

Puppies are:

  1. Registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (sent out to you as soon as they are processed).
  2. Veterinarian examined and given first shots.
  3. Dewormed and tattooed.
  4. Unconditionally guaranteed for the life of the dog for temperament.
  5. Lifetime guaranteed to be free of genetic/congenital defects that would render it functionally unsound.
  6. Ready to be picked up at 9 weeks. (If they went out any sooner they would miss out on very important socialization with the other puppies and their mother)
  7. Sold with a 5 generations pedigree, family pictures, copies of both parents and grandparents clearance, guidebook, basics supplies (food sample, treats, toy, collar, leash and blanket with mom's scent on it) and after-purchase support

As a member of the APEECQ, we want to remind you that: