Reputable Breeder vs Puppy Mills

To be considered 'Reputable', in our opinion, a breeder:

Keep their dogs, and raise their puppies, in a home environment as opposed to a 'kennel'. Kennel/crate their dogs
Treat their dogs with love and respect, as members of the family. Employ inhumane/cruel methods/practices for dogs in their care.
Give thought to who is taking one of the puppies home. Should have a selective screening process for prospective puppy buyers - not just sell to whoever arrives with cash in hand. Be more interested in 'getting their price' than the long-term welfare of the pup or what kind of home the pup is going into.
Take part in the raising of your new puppy - i.e. available for answering questions by phone/email from the time you take your new puppy home until, in his/her old age, you say your final goodbyes. Breed any female dog before the age of 2 yrs. OR after the age of 6 yrs.
Be willing to take the dog back if your circumstances change at some point and you can no longer keep the dog. Breed any female Newf more than twice in her lifetime, with at least 18 months between breedings
Have the health clearances for their breeding stock. Knowingly breed dogs with genetic problems.
Be willing to provide names/numbers of previous purchasers to let you call them for references. Breed multiple breeds - this suggests a quantity (and profit!) rather than quality motive.
Sale all the puppies with a health guarantee against any genetic defect. Stipulate that the purchaser must breed the dog at least once on a co-ownership contract before being spayed/neutered.
Allow you to see/meet with the parents of the puppy. Have excessive breedings in any given year. Thousands of dogs are euthanized annually because of canine overpopulation